Refits and Historic Restorations

Undertaking a major historic restoration is a heartfelt and time-consuming process.

Whether you need work done on a boat that has been a longstanding, cherished member of your family or a recent acquisition that you hope to return to its former glory, the Lunenburg Shipyard Alliance has the people, the tools and, most importantly, the professional experience to restore your boat.

And we’ve got the track record to back it up.

The Lunenburg Shipyard Alliance has been tasked with undertaking arguably the greatest and most culturally significant restoration in Canadian marine history – the restoration of Canada’s sailing ambassador, Bluenose II.

We are extremely proud of our work on the Bluenose II project and we’re happy to share the skills and talents that has made that project such a resounding success with anyone who has the ambition and the vision needed to see a historic restoration through to completion.