Recent Projects

The Restoration of Bluenose II

In July of 2010 the Province of Nova Scotia awarded the Lunenburg Shipyard Alliance the contract for the complete restoration of Bluenose II.

The restoration will be thorough and complete with each of the Lunenburg Shipyard Alliance's partners focusing on its area of core competence.

For Covey Island Boatworks, this will be the crowning achievement in a history of award winning boats which includes a long list of exceptional schooners. Among them Ted Brewer’s Tree of Life, Starling Burgess’ Nina, Chuck Burn’s Sir Edmund, as well as PaPa I, Maggie B and Farfarer, all designed by Nigel Irens.

The Lunenburg Foundry and Snyder's Shipyard each bring decades of marine experience to the team, having not only built traditional plank-on-frame vessels, but also repaired and maintained Bluenose II and many other traditional vessels over the years.

The work is being carried out at the Lunenburg Shipyard Alliance's new facilities, located within the confines of the Lunenburg Marine Railway Company on the waterfront in the beautiful and historic town of Lunenburg, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Images by Mark Doucette Photographic