From the brush of Peter Matyas ...

Each stroke is a testament to the honour and tradition of Nova Scotia boatbuilding ...

The story that each of these masterful paintings tells is a tribute to the shipwrights and their tools that keep this remarkable tradition alive and strong. All is learned from early childhood through generations of personal contact with their fore-bearers.

Each signed and numbered Giclee print is created upon Hahnemuhle German etching paper, double-matted acid free, from a limited edition of 500. The frame itself is a true piece of art, created with the Angelique wood that has been used in the restoration of Bluenose II in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

Each print  is 22" x 14" on its own, and 32" x 23" when framed.

Retail price is $760 plus applicable taxes and shipping charges each.

"Bluenose Toolbox"

Original toolbox and tools used on Bluenose 1922. The adze, augers, saw, chisels and handplanes were built by the shipwrights themselves and, in turn, were their tools to craft the Bluenose 90 years ago. A tradition learned from their peers and passed on to their children, many of whom contributed to the building of Bluenose II in 1963.


"In His Father's Memory"

The preparation for the laying of the Rum Plank, the measure which traditionally marks the halfway point of the construction of the schooner. This work presents the ghosted figure of a shipwright and original tools (including the butt screw clamp and pinball hammer) that are still used through the generations of shipbuilding to today.

"Sleeve Tattoo"

The tradition of tattooing with sailors is legendary, with sacred beliefs secured and shared in the images they wore. Here, two builders are plugging the seams with cotton and then okum, with the beetle hammer and beetle bar - more tools used across generations.

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