The Bluenose II Artists

Welcome to the Bluenose II Artists Virtual Gallery

The LSA is pleased to share its partnership with a group of artists whose works have been inspired by Bluenose II.

Each of them has been creatively touched by Canada's beautiful sailing icon, some more recently during the restoration process, while others can trace the creative connection back over decades.

Painters Peter Matyas and Gail Patriarche, and photographers Maurice Crosby and Mark Doucette each have used their remarkable talents to capture the very essence of all that Bluenose II represents.

This is a vessel, an icon, that stands for grace, elegance, dignity, personality, hard work and a true, stoic Canadian beauty that is captivating, whether she's under sail on the open Atlantic or tied up dockside at her home in Lunenburg.

We invite you to click on the links below and get to know some of the artists that the Lunenburg Shipyard Alliance has been proud to partner with since the remarkable restoration of Canada's sailing ambassador began in 2010.

Peter Matyas

Gail Patriarche

Mark Doucette

Maurice Crosby

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